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Welcome to PrePlanned Journals

PrePlanned Journals provide journal writers with a new means of journaling, in which the journalist no longer has to decide on the topics or content for the journal.

 PrePlanned Journals provide the journalist with a full set and schedule of content for the following:

  • Read small chunks and progress through a book or other content slowly
  • Write about the topics with cut and paste capabilities from the reading materials
  • Remember by sharing and linking Journals and entries for easy access and review in the future

What is a Journal Plan?

A journal in which all information for the user to write about has been preplanned in a “Journal Plan”.


Journal Plans

Journal plans are the core of preplanned journals. All content is organized and planned for consumption via plans.

Content can be in the form of Text (converted book), Images, Audio / Video and Web Links

Plans are made up of the folloiwng components(all optional except main reading):
  • Main Reading (audio, video, images)
  • Notes
  • Reference Material
  • Author Details
  • 3 Additional Configurable Tabs

Content DeliverySchedule

Content is scheduled for consumption by the plan author. In the case of a book, it could be a weekly chapter reading for students. Content can be schedule for any date and time.

Content Delivery Schedule:
  • Daily
  • Weekly (M-F)
  • Weekly (User Specified Day)
  • Bi-Weekly
  • Monthly
  • User Specified Period (added at anytime by author)

Entry Readings

Each reading can be as short or as long as needed. The goal is to provide easily consumable chunks of content.

For students, this is a great tool to increase reading. Simply break a book down to easily consumable chunks. The student reads small pieces of a book and over time, reads the entire book. This is less intimidating to beginner and slow readers

Journal and Journal Entry

Journal Settings:

  • Public (share all public entries)
  • Moderate User Entries
  • Allow User Comments
  • Moderate Comments
  • Allow Linked Journals
  • Moderate Linked Journals
  • Allow Linked Entries
  • Moderate Linked Entries
  • Enable Teacher Mode
  • Enable Grading

Additionally you can have multiple writers in a single journal.

Journal Settings
Journal Entry

A journal entry is where you write your thoughts about the content you read.

Entries can be public(shared) or completely private to the writer.

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